With over four million sold tarts annually in the Japanese providence of Hokkaido alone, BAKE CHEESE TART is rapidly becoming our most popular product to date. Our innovative tart features a twice baked, cookie crust which is the perfect crispy compliment to our light and airy three-cheese mousse.

BAKE CHEESE TART’S premier location opened in February of 2014 in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood and was followed quickly by the opening of our flagship location in November of that same year. Increased media attention and growing consumer demand has resulted in the opening of 14 additional shops in Japan and 9 locations internationally.

  • Sales performance
  • 2011:
    Sales begun in Hokkaido; sold 4 million units per year (Kinotoya)
  • 2014:
    Opened first Honshu location at Shinjuku Lumine Est; sold 90 thousand units per month
  • 2014:
    Opened flagship location in Jiyugaoka;
    sold 150 thousand units per month
  • 2015:
    Eight locations;
    sold 1.2 million units per month

北海道で年間400万個販売する人気商品「焼きたてチーズタルト」を専門に販売する『BAKE CHEESE TART』。”焼きたて”でどこよりもフレッシュなチーズタルトを提供します。2度焼きすることで”サクッ”としたクッキー生地と3種類のチーズをブレンドしたムースが特徴です。2014年2月に新宿ルミネエストに第1号店をオープン。同年11月に旗艦店となる自由が丘店をオープンして以来、行列の絶えない、メディアからも注目のブランドに成長。2016年9月末時点で国内に14店舗、海外に9店舗を展開しています。

  • 販売実績
  • 2011年
  • 2014年
  • 2014年
    旗艦店 自由が丘店がオープン
  • 2015年


CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU is our confectionary creation consisting of the crunchy, almond-flavored choux pastry of a French croquant filled with custard cream made from the finest Hokkaido milk. The result is an extremely popular treat that has customers lining up in lengthy cues, even in the sweets packed Tokyo district of Harajuku. Our Croquant shops have been designed around the concept of “produced-on-premises” and thus we can offer these pastries to customers freshly baked, filled and packaged for maximum crunch.

  • Sales performance
  • 2013:
    Sales begun in Hokkaido; sold 450 thousand units per year (Kinotoya)
  • 2014:
    Opened first Honshu location at Shinjuku Lumine Est; sold 90 thousand units per month
  • 2015:
    Opened flagship location in Harajuku and another shop in Kamata
    Three locations; sold 200 thousand units per month

北海道で人気の新食感シュークリーム『クロッカンシュー ザクザク』の専門店ブランド。フランスの焼き菓子「クロッカン」とシュークリームを掛けあわせたハイブリッドスイーツで、アーモンドのザクザクとした食感のシュー生地に、放牧で育った北海道産牛乳をふんだんにつかったカスタードクリームを詰めていることが特徴。「ファクトリーが売り場」というコンセプトのもと店舗を設計し、ザクザクとした食感を最大限引き出すために、焼きたて、できたて、詰めたてでご提供しています。


  • 販売実績
  • 2013年
  • 2014年
  • 2015年
    旗艦店舗 原宿店や蒲田店をオープン


With its crispy outside texture and generous inner cream and fruit filling, RINGO is a modern custard apple pie inspired by a thirty year old Kinotoya recipe. We created our unique pie dough using an original blend of flour (developed for optimum crunchiness) and the finest Hokkaido produced butter. Then we pipe in our delicious custard cream made from Hokkaido milk and apples harvested at the height of their season, and immediately cut the pastries into cubes. The result is a unique and innovative apple pie that combines feelings of novelty and nostalgia at the same time.




PICTCAKE is our exclusively online brand that allows customers to easily order photo cakes from their smartphones and have them delivered anywhere in Japan, within two days. Just like all BAKE brands, PICTCAKE combines sweets and innovation. The cakes are the perfect way to brings surprise and delight to any special occasion. Each PICTCAKE is created by pastry chefs in by their hands Hokkaido delivered after being “3D Shock Frozen” in order to preserve freshness and taste.

  • Sales performance
  • January 2013:
    Service begun
  • July 2013:
    Cumulative number of units shipped exceeded 5,000
  • July 2014:
    Cumulative number of units shipped exceeded 30,000
  • April 2015:
    Cumulative number of units shipped exceeded 50,000


  • 販売実績
  • 2013年1月
  • 2013年7月
  • 2014年7月
  • 2015年4月


In order to continue to seek new deliciousness in confectionery, BAKE started an R&D team known as Open Lab in February 2016. Open Lab is involved in user surveys and understanding, scientific investigation of flavor and sweet-making, and development and improvement of BAKE brands on a cyclical basis and develops confectionery and business models with value by gathering expertise for improving all our brands and developing new products.

お菓子の美味しさを追求していくため、2016年2月に始動したBAKEのR&Dチーム「OPEN LAB」。ユーザーの調査と理解・美味しさやお菓子作りの科学的解明・BAKEブランドの開発・改善を循環的に行い、各ブランドの改善や新商品開発のノウハウを蓄積しより価値のあるお菓子/業態を開発していきます。